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portable generator reviewsConstant power is vital in the modern world. Specially, with so much loads in terms of power and so many natural disasters, having constant power is a challenge in itself. Losing the advantage of power means losing out on production, living standards and so many vital points. To ensure the constant power output, we resort to portable generators that are in the market. But with so many of them out there, it is hard to choose and make up our minds. Hopefully, the following list explaining the top generators in portability and power, will help in making your decisions a bit easier to make. Have a look Of Top portable generator reviews .

Top 10 Best Portable Generator And Comparison Chart-2016

Picture  Product Name  Wattage  Price  Our Review
portable generator reviews

ENERGIZER 500W Power Inverter with 2 USB ports 2.1A shared compatible with iPad iPhone & more

 120  $$ Our Review
portable generator reviews

Schumacher XP2260 Portable Power Source

 1200  $$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews

Champion Power Equipment 42436 Gas Powered Portable Generator

 1500  $$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews

DuroMax XP4400E Gas Powered Portable Generator

4400 $$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews DuroStar DS4000S Gas Powered Portable Generator 4000  $$$   Our Review
portable generator reviews

WEN 56180 1800-Watt Portable Generator .

1800 $$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews

PowerPro 56101 2-Stroke Generator .


$$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews 1200Watt Portable Gasoline Power Generator Emergency Electric RV Camp 2-Stroke .


$$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews WEN 56352 3500-Watt 212cc 7 HP OHV Gas-Powered Portable Generator with Wheel Kit .


$$$ Our Review
portable generator reviews

Champion Power Equipment #76533 4750 Watt DUAL FUEL Portable Generator .


$$$ Our Review 

Here is The Top 10 Best Portable Generator Reviews

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.8

We are discussing Best portable Generator reviews today and Westinghouse WH7500E is the first one in our list. This generator is a beast when it comes to delivering power without interruption.

You will get 7500 watts of power continuously for your electric goods. The power will surge up to 9000 watts when the generator is at its best. The generator comes with an hour-counting meter and shows you the hours it will run for.

There is a funnel to pour the oil in. Westinghouse WH7500E starts off with one touch button. Equipped with 420CC engine, it comes with overhead design to conserve fuel.

The generator runs for 13 hours straight with 50% oil. With the 6.6 gallon fuel tank and twin cylinders, you can expect top notch performance. Westinghouse has ensured safety with enclosed casing covering sensitive parts. The generator has circuit breakers (2 in number and 120v) in place for emergencies. Capable in functioning during rough weather it has 3 years of warrantee.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.9

The second one in our list of Best Portable Generator reviews . It is equipped with 420CC OHV Engine. It delivers you 7500 watts of power without interruption. It will give you 9800 watts of power at its best.

The generator is gas powered and has a 7.5 gallon oil tank. It will run for 12 hours straight with 50% oil. The generator has two 20 amps ports and one 30 Amp port for your house.

The generator can be carried easily with folding handles, wheels in front. It doesn’t vibrate when turned. It needs to be charged with 12V output once a month.

The Generator comes with 2-year warrantee. However, there are tiny glitches. Generac’s GP7500E is louder than its contemporaries. It takes time to get into its stride with the pull-mechanism. One can simply position it outside to avoid disturbing noise.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.0

It is Number 3 in our list of Best Portable Generator reviews that are the best in the market. The generator is high on power (2200 surge watts) and low in weight (weighs 40% less than its competition in the market).

It is quiet and is known for operating all sorts of electric appliances from PC to Fridge. The generator is enclosed as most of the generac products are.

You can charge it with 12V DC output when necessary. There is a “Low Fuel Shut Down” system to avoid causing accidents to your goods.

It can run at 3.5 horsepower when at best. The generator’s oil needs to be changed in every 100 hours. Premium quality gasoline will keep the motor up and running. Generac IX2000 is portable and can function in extreme conditions (e.g: 36 degree Celsius) .

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.5

The number 4 in our list of Best Portable Generator reviews in the Market is Goal Zero Yeti with 2200 watts of peak power. The best thing about this generator is that it is an inverter generator and comes with plug and play feature.

This generator is portable and can be used to run PCs, Portable speakers and everything that supports a 12V output. Easily chargeable feature gives it the edge.

Goal Zero Yeti can be charged through solar panels, a 12V charging cable and through any USB device that draws power from an AC source. This generator works well with the low power consuming devices.

You will do good to buy separate solar power attachments. It even powers up your fridge for 12 hours and even after extensive use, it runs well. Goal Zero Yeti 150 Solar Generator stores up 50% charge to prolong the battery life.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.6

This is number 5 in the list of Best Portable Generator reviews . Yamaha EF2000IS comes with 79cc engine and 1.1 gallons of fuel tank. The steady power it delivers is equivalent of 1600 watts. The portable Generator gives you 2000 watts of power when at peak.

You will get a 4-stroke engine with it. It utilizes pull technology which may seem a bit old. But it starts off with just one pull so it is convenient.

Yamaha EF 2000IS delivers 10.5 hours of power with 1.1 gallon fuel tank at 1/4th load capacity. This generator won’t run everything in house.

But getting the high performance generator at $989 is a great deal. You just need a fuel stabilizer to clear the stagnant oil. Running the generator for 10 minutes per day will keep it in top shape for use. Be careful when removing the engine cover.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.5

This is a beast when it comes to delivering power the Best Portable Generator reviews is Champion Power equipment 46539 portable generator gives you 3500 watts of power continuously. It can rise up to 4000 watts when the generator is performing at its peak.

Now run the TV, Fridge, Lights and everything you can think of simultaneously. It can run for 12 straight hours with 50% load on it and with a full tank.

You can now monitor the volts, hours of running it, hertz all in one place with a display unit. The machine is heavy in weight. There is a warrantee period of 2 years but it is limited.

You will get free technical support and the customer service of the manufacturers is top notch. The engine is top notch as well with 196cc capacity and 140 pounds of weight to boost. The frame is made of cast iron.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.6

This Portable Generator reviews is the same brand as the previous one. The difference is in weight. It weighs only 110 pounds or so. It comes at a modest price of $368. The generator has one outlet that gives 120 volts of power.

Champion Power Equipment 46533 comes with 196 cc engine. It is a CARB Complaint certified generator with 2 years of limited warrantee.

The port size of this generator is 5-20R. The generator also comes with a twistlock of L5-30R size. Frequent changing of oil can reduce the risks of the engine failing.

Do change the oil every 100 hours and you will be just fine. It is very price efficient and you can run almost anything with it without worrying for a voltage drop at any point. It is Gas-powered and you can even run it with LP gas to boot.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.6

This is positioned at number 8 in our list of Best Portable Generator reviews but it rivals even the top of the list generators. This portable generator is fit for all purposes that might come across. It runs on a 212cc 7HP OHV engine.

The generator gives you 3000 watts of continuous power and 4000 watts of peak power. With it, you will get 30 Amps Twist lock receptacle for 240 volts/120 volts outlet, two outlets of 120 volts, three pong receptacles of 240 volts etc. It utilizes the pulling mechanism and you will have to pull one or two times to get it running.

It has “Low Oil Automatic Shutdown”. It has an inbuilt mobility kit included so that you can move the piece easily. It runs for 11 hours straight with half load and the fuel tank has 4 gallon capacity. There are two rubber mounts for the motor to keep it stable.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.0

This one occupies the ninth position in our list of Best Portable Generator reviews . It is powered by 7 HP Engine. The generator has 3 pong receptacles of 120 volts, one outlet of 30Amps 120/240volts that is also a twist lock.

It will give you 3500 watts of stable power and 4400 watts of power when running on its peak. You can run it on either propane or Gasoline for maximum output.

It comes with full control panel equipped with circuit breakers, fuel gauge, voltage meters etc. The generator is not for sale in California. You can get this generator at a low price of $499 only from Amazon.

You can switch anytime from gasoline to propane. It is best to start it off with gasoline, run it for 10 minutes and switch it to propane which is below 40 degree Celsius in temperature.

portable generator reviewsPrice: $$$
Rating: 4.6

As we are about to finish our list of Best Portable Generator reviews , this is the last one on our list. DuroMax XP10000E Portable Generator runs on 16HP Engine which has 4 cycles. It comes with an electric start.

The generator runs with gasoline. The optimum power it delivers is 8000 watts. The surge power it is capable of delivering is 10000 watts.

The engine shuts down when the fuel is low. DuroMax XP10000E Generator comes in Steel caging. There are as many as four motor mounts which are isolated from one another.

You will have multiple outlets for your use and one DC outlet of 12V to charge the batteries as well. There is a 33Amp circuit breaker and a volt meter in place to monitor the generator smoothly. It has tires suitable for all types of terrain and a built in handle to make towing easy for you as well.

Things to Consider Before Buying Portable Generator

Now that we are finished doing the list of Best portable Generator reviews let us focus on aspects which you should monitor before buying a generator for yourself.

Power Capacity and Your Need

Generators are available for multiple purposes and in multiple engines which deliver different ranges of power. Find out what amount of power you need. For example , if you need generator for your house, the specifications and the criteria of choice is different. If you need generator for small things in your house, then your choice can be different. These are the best generators for different uses. Determine your needs and go for a suitable one from the list.


Simply buying a high performance generator is hardly enough. The generator must have sufficient safety mechanisms to keep you safe from any unwanted accidents. Make sure there are circuit-breakers, enclosed casings and stable base is present.

To prevent oil spills, low oil shutdown is an important feature to look for in your generator. Having a voltmeter also helps to keep track of the fuel vs volt output and determine the efficiency of your generator. Noiselessness is also an important feature which determines the quality of the generator. more portable generator reviews are you find ? click here


The third thing you need to keep track off is the price. It always helps to have a generator within your budget. Generally, generators with higher specs come at higher prices. But there are exceptions where optimized generators are offered at a mid ranged or low price.

Take those chances. Frequently scout online marketplaces for opportunities and sales also optimizing the need for electricity helps cutting down the price and getting the perfect generator for your home or office.

The performance Ratio

Paying high price and needs optimization won’t help you if you don’t monitor the performance of the generator. Safety measures will be nothing if you can’t get enough mileage out of your generator. Monitor the fuel vs. constant power ratio of any generator before buying . Generators tend to wear down with time.

Be sure to check every little thing to get the best output. Buying from a reputed brand helps in this case. Also, buy firsthand generators at the best price. Opting for second hand generators can be costly for your appliances and the money for you. Monitor the warrantee period and the extent of the warrantee before you make your move and buy a flashy generator from the market. here is more portable generator reviews for you . you can check it out now  .

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